I’m not one to give a rave view but I feel compelled to do so because of the absolutely stellar experience I’ve had with The7 and the dream team. In the past 4 months I’ve spent over $600 buying various premium themes or theme subscriptions from reputable companies. They’ve all been, for the most part, “okay” or “good” — but there was always something that wasn’t quite right about each of them – something they didn’t support or couldn’t achieve without a lot of custom coding. Then I found The7. The 7 is hands down the best theme I have ever used. Every aspect of its design is fully customizable — you won’t believe how many menus of detailed options are available in the Dashboard! On the few occasions where I couldn’t quite get it to do exactly what I wanted, I submitted a trouble ticket. Every time – within hours – I’d get a detailed response that included specific instructions on how to achieve what I wanted. So far I haven’t run in to a single situation where I can’t do EXACTLY what I want. These guys have created a very flexible, highly customizable theme and provide amazing support for it. What more could you ask for?

jhagefrom ThemeForest ratings

“Gary: His technical view was important to the layout of the fences. He noticed some issues from the slope and provided solution for us. This technical assessment process from your company was instrumental to the success in the erecting of the fences.

The installation personnel: Spaltak and Levon were both professional and hard working. They worked long hours under the hot sun and still kept smile on their faces. Although erecting fences was a technical matter, Spaltak’s artistic view in the layout made our fences more attractive but still very sturdy. Levon made sure there was sufficient cement in each pole to insure strength for the fences.

Last but not the least, we want to thank Christin for her patience and understanding. Christin made sure each message was passed on for action. She makes customers feel that your company will take care any issues to their satisfaction.

All in all, a big thanks to you!!”

R. Feng

“The privacy fencing that GNG installed has worked out wonderfully. The installation and clean up was done efficiently and well. I will call GNG for future fencing needs.”

Donicia A.

“I used GNG Vinyl Fencing co. My guy there is named Arman.

I have crazy neighbors, and had to do tons of research to find the perfect company. I even called the vinyl company that manufactures this fence (DuraMax), and they said GNG is their best fabricator!

The fence is the best investment we have made. I have referred them to a least 10 people on Sharynne Lane alone!”

Monica L.

“Just thought that I would send you a letter to let you know how happy we are with our fence.

When we bought our home we just had a chain link fence. We wanted to put in a slump stone wall just like all of our neighbors have. When I went to the city to get a permit they were giving me nothing but a hard time, so we looked at other types of fencing.

When I first saw the vinyl fencing I thought that we were just taking the cheap way out (vinyl fencing was about 1/3 the cost of slump stone).

As it ends up this fence is the BEST THING that we did to our home.

Our friends and family love it, one of our nephews love it so much that he and his new wife got married in our backyard before he had to return to the Army in Iraq.

Thank You for doing such a GREAT JOB, we recommend you to everyone. “

Ed & Marlene C.

“Great service. They were able to meet my budget. Well worth it.”

Rob S.

“First class! The materials and labor were of impeccable quality. They were fast about installation and the price seems reasonable for what I got. I couldn’t be happier!”

Nicolas Blackriver

“I want to express my heartfelt ‘Thanks’ for the beautiful vinyl railing job that you installed at my house. It was done in a timely fashion with expert craftsmen that did an outstanding job. They did an excellent work of putting things together and didn’t overlook any minor details. All this was done in a timely manner.

Again, thank you for an excellent job done.”

Fred L.

“I just wanted to formally thank the GNG Vinyl team that worked with us to install a double gate, a single gate, and pergola in December 2007. We are extremely happy with all three items and it was such a pleasure to meet and work with your team.

Arman and George, thank you so much for coming to our home, several times, to answer detailed questions, offer options to a few of our unusual situations, and take additional measurements. You were both so very friendly, professional, helpful, and gracious.

Spartak and Nikolay, our installers, were wonderful! They are extremely dedicated, hard workers – to the point of working well after dark and waiting in their van for hours in hopes that rain would pass so they could continue working. More importantly, they were very pleasant and detail oriented. They did a really great job!

I can’t say enough good things about this team! I’m hoping that someone we know will be interested in vinyl some day soon so that we will get a chance to recommend them ourselves.”

Kimberly T.

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