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Vinyl Pool Fencing

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Vinyl Pool Fencing

Planning on securing your pool area with a beautiful swimming pool fence? Besides their eye-catching appeal, these new vinyl pool fences are sturdy and easy to keep looking fresh. With a wide array of Vinyl Pool Fencing styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your outdoor oasis.

Let's Talk Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence is made from a material called PVC, sturdy and stylish all at once. From classic picket fence designs to vinyl privacy fence options, these fencing products eliminate the worries about rotting, termites, water stains, and other wear-and-tear. And the best part? They’re pretty much maintenance-free.

In Southern California, in-ground swimming pools are more common but if an above ground pool fence needs decking or a decorative cover, we have many solutions at GNG Vinyl.

From Factory to Front Yard

At the heart of every vinyl fence section is PVC. When choosing your fence design the spacing will determine if you have a semi-privacy setup or a more traditional privacy fence panel design.

Your vinyl pool fence not only adds security to the pool area, but the addition of a vinyl patio cover may add shade and comfort to your pool area.

The Plus Points of Choosing Vinyl

One big plus of picking a vinyl fence is its low upkeep. Traditional wood construction brings concerns over rotting, termites, water stains, and other wear-and-tear. Say goodbye to endless maintenance with this beautiful new addition. Another bonus is its versatility. With various fence styles, you can find a vinyl fence that fits perfectly into any yard, whether it is a privacy fence or a pool safety fence or both. Plus, The rods that go in the ground are solid stainless steel so they will never rust or break .And the best part? You get all these benefits without breaking the bank, making a vinyl fence an ideal choice for many homeowners.

How Tough is a Vinyl Fence, Really?

When it comes to toughness, a vinyl fence definitely brings its A-game. Thanks to its high-quality build and self-closing hinges, it can withstand the test of time. It will outlast its wooden counterpart by many years or even decades. A perfectly maintained, top-quality wooden fence, will last around 14 years, while a vinyl one will last 20-30 years. But wait, there’s more. Unlike a wood fence, vinyl fences don’t need constant upkeep to stay strong. No rot or rust to worry about here. Plus, they come with a warranty. So, you can rest easy knowing your vinyl fence is built to last and has got you covered if anything does go away.

Looking After Your Vinyl Fence

Taking care of a vinyl fence is a DIY dream. An occasional spacing check is all it needs. Make sure those fence posts are sitting pretty, and you’re golden.

And for that extra shine? A simple wash is all it takes: no special equipment, no extra costs, just pure, simple maintenance.

Vinyl Care 101

Say you’ve got a little grime on the vinyl pool fence gate. No stress. A little soapy water, a soft cloth, and it’s looking brand new again. The vinyl works are easy to maintain. It’s about doing the little things consistently, keeping your fence fresh for years


Vinyl pool fencing is a type of fencing specifically designed to enclose and secure swimming pools, constructed using durable vinyl material.

Vinyl pool fencing acts as a reliable safety measure by creating a physical barrier that restricts unauthorized access to the pool area, reducing potential risks.

Absolutely, vinyl pool fencing is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with mild soap and water, making it an excellent choice for busy pool owners.

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