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Rustic Elegance: Vinyl Split Rail Fencing for Timeless Charm

Long-lasting vinyl split rail fence

Transform Your Property Lines with Timeless Beauty


A vinyl split rail fence brings rustic elegance to homeowners seeking a fence style that blends in seamlessly with their property lines. Unlike a traditional wood fence, this rail vinyl fence offers the charming look of a wooden fence without the upkeep.


Quality Vinyl Products for Long-lasting Durability


Made from high-quality PVC, our vinyl products are designed to withstand warping and endure harsh weather conditions. With our fences, you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected by a lifetime warranty on products.


Versatile Fence Styles for Every Home


GNG Vinyl offers various fence styles to suit all tastes. From classic picket fence and charming crossbuck to the more private vinyl privacy fence, our selection will satisfy even the most discerning homeowner.


Add Personal Touches with Stylish Accessories


Complement your vinyl split rail fence with beautiful post caps, stylish vinyl gate hardware, or even a statement-making pergola. Explore the possibilities of enhancing your outdoor living area by incorporating stylish rail posts, offering both aesthetic appeal and durability.


Choose from Our Ranch Rail Options


Expand your fencing possibilities with our range of ranch rail choices, including the sturdy vinyl ranch rail fence, perfect for securing larger animals while maintaining an attractive appearance.


Upgrade to White Vinyl Fence for a Clean Look


Consider opting for a stunning white vinyl fence for added curb appeal. This popular choice will give your property a clean and fresh look while still providing timeless charm and low-maintenance upkeep.


DIY Solutions: Small Tips for Optimal Results


Whether you’re tackling a DIY vinyl fence installation, a vinyl fence panel or relying on a professional fence company, key considerations come into play when setting up a white vinyl fence


A traditional fence project familiar steps such as drilling post holes, leveling posts, and connecting panels with decorative post caps. If the prospect of renting equipment and spending days on meticulous details for cost savings is daunting, we ensure a seamless project execution, allowing you to relish your weekends without worry.


Experience the Benefits of a Vinyl Fence Post and Vinyl Gate


Say goodbye to rotting wood – choose a durable vinyl fence post for a strong foundation. Also, explore our extensive collection of high-quality vinyl gates, including fence gate options and gate hardware to match any fence section.


Made in the USA with a Commitment to Excellence


Proudly manufactured in the USA, GNG Vinyl prioritises customer satisfaction and exceptional workmanship to deliver top fencing solutions for homeowners nationwide.

Add rustic elegance to your property with our timeless vinyl split rail fence. Combine charm, durability, and low-maintenance living for an unparalleled outdoor experience.

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