Vinyl Ranch Railings

GNG Vinyl Fencing, Inc. decks delivers the simple beauty of a 6” wood-grain deck board that has a non slip surface. It is made of rigid virgin vinyl and does not use wood fillers, saw dust or recycled plastic. The result is a deck that is very consistent with no batch to batch variations, eliminating many of the fading and color variation problems common in composite decks.

The vinyl material combines out proprietary design to bring you a deck with superior rigidity that can span 24” on center. Unlike many composite deck materials that will sag at this wide span, ours will not. And since most existing wood deck joists are made with 24” centers, the strength of our deck eliminates the need to reframe joists to meet the 16” on-center requirement of composite decks. Plus the deck stays cool to the touch under the hot sun and is fire resistant. All of this make G N G Vinyl Fencing, Inc. deck the strongest and most reliable deck available today, giving you peace of mind and trust for a lifetime of guaranteed performance.


A ranch-style fence is characterized by its open design, typically with horizontal rails and posts, offering a rustic and classic appearance that is often associated with rural landscapes.

Vinyl Ranch Railings typically last for 20 to 30 years or more, making them a durable and long-lasting option for both residential and commercial applications. Proper maintenance and care can further extend their lifespan.

A vinyl ranch rail fence offers durability, low maintenance, resistance to weathering, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, mimicking the charm of a classic wooden ranch rail fence.