Vinyl Fencing
  • Unlike wood fencing, our fences gives you a lifetime of enjoyment with no worries about rotting, termites, water stains, and other wear-and-tear.
  • Beautiful accent lattice or picket top options
  • Routed construction and patented interlocking system provides you with a strong and durable fence, without unsightly brackets, screws, or nails.

Home Improvement with Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is popular with homeowners as a standout alternative to traditional wood fences or chain link fences. Its blend of style and durability makes it a top choice for modern outdoor living.

The question of durability is key: Is a vinyl fence truly long-lasting? With the ability to last up to five times longer than wood fencing, it’s a compelling option for investing in home improvement projects.

What is Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing, made from PVC, is a strong and easy-to-care-for alternative to traditional wooden fences or chain link fences. It’s smooth, doesn’t splinter, and often has a lifetime warranty.

At GNG we have endless vinyl fencing to choose from.. From the classic vinyl picket fence to vinyl privacy fence panel, there’s a style for every taste..

What sets vinyl apart is its durability and appearance. It can even look like wood grain without the upkeep, making it a favorite for those wanting a beautiful and practical option for their outdoor living space but something different from the traditional Cape Cod design.

Types of Vinyl Fencing


The Classic Picket Fence

A timeless choice, offering charm as a low-maintenance option that many owners love for its traditional appeal while creating a traditional American look.

The Vinyl Privacy Fence

The Vinyl Privacy Fence is a top-rated choice for those seeking more seclusion. Available in various designs, including semi-privacy to full-privacy, it provides a secure and stylish boundary for your yard.

The Ranch Rail

The Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence style is another popular type of fence. Often used in rural settings, it combines the rustic look with modern vinyl products, ensuring durability while keeping the authentic feel of the countryside, and provides a trail guide in equestrian settings.

Durability and Maintenance of Vinyl Fencing

Regarding durability, vinyl fencing stands out as a top-rated choice. Made from robust fencing materials like PVC and reinforced with steel, it resists weathering and doesn’t splinter like traditional wood fencing.

Plus, with its low maintenance requirements and a lifetime warranty you can enjoy a beautiful fence without the constant upkeep or worry.

Material Quality

Vinyl products in fencing are known for their high quality, providing a durable alternative to traditional materials like wood.

Vinyl fence posts and vinyl railing can compliment your new porch and create a long-lasting and attractive addition to any landscape.

Maintenance Requirements

Vinyl fencing is celebrated for quality requiring minimal cleaning with soap and water. This ease of care makes it a hassle-free fence project.

DIY or Professional Installation?

Whether opting for a DIY vinyl fence installation or entrusting your project to a professional fence company, there are some things to consider when installing a white vinyl fence.

Time vs. Money in Southern California

Obviously, if you have installed posts for a traditional fence, the process is similar, drill the post hole, level the posts, and connect the fencing panels with maybe a decorative post cap.

If the idea of renting equipment, and spending days getting everything just right to save a little money makes your hands ache, we can make sure the project goes according to plan so you can enjoy your weekends.

GNG Professional Installation

As a top-rated fence company, professional installation is key to ensuring your fence panels and vinyl fence gate are plum and flush. G N G Vinyl Fencing, Inc can handle the job, providing expertise and quality workmanship.

From selecting the right fence style to handling gate hardware, our professional team ensures a smooth process and a beautiful end result.


Vinyl fence panels are pre-fabricated sections made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that are used to create fences. They come in various styles and sizes to suit different fencing needs.

Consider factors such as reputation, product quality, customization options, warranty, pricing, and customer reviews when selecting a vinyl fence supplier.

Fence covers provide privacy, add aesthetic appeal, reduce noise, block wind, and protect against weather elements. They can also conceal an unsightly fence or act as a backdrop for landscaping.