“Just thought that I would send you a letter to let you know how happy we are with our fence.

When we bought our home we just had a chain link fence. We wanted to put in a slump stone wall just like all of our neighbors have. When I went to the city to get a permit they were giving me nothing but a hard time, so we looked at other types of fencing.

When I first saw the vinyl fencing I thought that we were just taking the cheap way out (vinyl fencing was about 1/3 the cost of slump stone).

As it ends up this fence is the BEST THING that we did to our home.

Our friends and family love it, one of our nephews love it so much that he and his new wife got married in our backyard before he had to return to the Army in Iraq.

Thank You for doing such a GREAT JOB, we recommend you to everyone. “